Sustainable processing of Europe's low-grade sulphidic and lateritic nickel/cobalt ores and tailings into battery-grade metals

Virtual ENICON exhibition within “Energy Futures” exhibition organised by Aalto


Virtual exhibition of ENICON project within the “Energy Futures: Critical minerals, climate neutrality and transition pathways” exhibition organised by Aalto University

Between 16 March and 15 September 2023, Aalto University is organising the Energy Futures: Critical minerals, Climate neutrality and Transition pathways exhibition in Dipoli Gallery and Aalto Virtual Exhibitions Platform

This exhibition focuses on energy transition, showcasing research from across the  schools of Aalto University with top experts. What are the challenges and solutions driving our response to the global energy crisis across research and industry?

A virtual exhibition of the ENICON project is part of this initiative. You can visit the ENICON virtual exhibition here.

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